Inground Vinyl Liner Pool Prices in Maryland and Virginia

Best Prices for Inground Swimming Pool Contractor in Maryland & Virginia

Leisure Contracting LLC Dives into Inground Vinyl Liner Pool Prices

Investing in an inground vinyl liner pool can be a practical and cost-effective choice for homeowners in Maryland and Virginia. Leisure Contracting LLC, renowned for its commitment to quality and affordability, stands out as the top choice for those seeking the best prices on inground vinyl liner swimming pools.

What Cost Factors Can You Expect with Vinyl Liner Pools?

Let’s explore the factors that influence the cost and what you can expect when opting for this versatile and budget-friendly option.

1. Pool Size and Shape: The size and shape of your vinyl liner pool plays a significant role in determining the overall cost. Larger or uniquely shaped pools require more materials and labor, contributing to a higher price tag. Leisure Contracting LLC collaborates with clients to optimize designs based on budget constraints, ensuring a balance between size and cost.

2. Vinyl Liner Thickness and Quality: Vinyl liners come in various thicknesses and qualities. Thicker, more durable liners tend to have a higher upfront cost but offer enhanced longevity and resistance to wear and tear. Leisure Contracting LLC sources high-quality vinyl liners to provide homeowners with a durable and long-lasting pool solution.

Additional Vinyl Liner Pool Prices to Keep in Mind

3. Site Conditions: The topography and soil conditions of your backyard can influence the cost of installing a vinyl liner pool. Complex terrains or challenging soil conditions may require additional labor and equipment, contributing to increased costs. Leisure Contracting LLC’s expertise ensures efficient installation regardless of site conditions.

4. Customization and Accessories: While vinyl liner pools are generally more cost-effective, adding custom features such as steps, benches, or decorative elements can increase the overall cost. Leisure Contracting LLC works with clients to incorporate customization within budget constraints, ensuring a personalized yet affordable pool design.

5. Expected Costs: Vinyl liner swimming pools are known for their affordability. On average, the cost of an inground vinyl liner pool in Maryland and Virginia can range from $40,000 to $50,000, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious homeowners. At Leisure Contracting LLC you can expect to pay far less than many contractors. See our upfront pricing below for an inground vinyl liner swimming pool package:

2024 Leisure Pools 16’x 32’ Vinyl Pool Pricing – Leisure Contracting LLC

Vinyl Liner Pool Construction:

  • Professionally engineered plans
  • Applicable County Standard building permit
  • Layout, standard excavation and forming (normal soil conditions)
  • Leisure’s Cardinal Galvanized Steel Pool
  • Engineered 28 Mil Vinyl Liner
  • Pool depth varies with pool size
  • Premium concrete receptor aluminum coping
  • Dual port skimmer
  • Pentair 500-watt light with lens kit
  • Pool closing 2023 and pool opening in 2024

Pool Steps:

  • 4’ x 8’ polymer steps
  • Ladder in pool deep end

Included Pool Sanitation:

  • Starter chemicals for 30 days
  • Manual water tester

Standard Pool Cleaning & Circulation:

  • Pentair 2.2 HP SuperFlo Variable Speed Pump
  • HUGE Pentair 420 square feet modular Clean and Clear Plus filter (no backwash wasting of water)
  • Skimmer with 3 filtered water returns and double bottom drain.
  • The maintenance kit consists of a pool net, brush, vacuum head, vacuum hose, and telescopic pole.

$34,995* Steel Wall Pricing (Rectangular or Grecian Shapes)

*16’ x 32’ Rectangle Steel Wall Model with steps; 3’ x 6’ depth or 3’ x 8’ depth.

** Does not include Special County Requirements, Dirt Haul, Electrical Hook-Up, Cut Down for Levelling, Filling of Pool, Pool Patio, Landscaping, other than final machine grading, Pool Fence, or other items/labor not included in the above itemization.

***Pacific Polymer Walls add $3,500

Why Choose Leisure Contracting LLC?

Leisure Contracting LLC has earned its reputation as the leading provider of inground vinyl liner swimming pools in Maryland and Virginia for several reasons:

  • Quality Materials: Leisure Contracting LLC sources top-quality vinyl liners, ensuring durability and resistance to fading and damage.
  • Transparent Pricing: Leisure Contracting LLC is committed to transparency, providing detailed quotes to eliminate any surprises and ensure clients understand the costs involved.
  • Local Expertise: With a focus on Maryland and Virginia, Leisure Contracting LLC tailors solutions to local regulations and client preferences.

Contact Leisure Contracting LLC to turn your vision into reality, where affordability meets excellence in inground swimming pool construction. We provide the best quality when it comes to inground vinyl liner pool prices in Maryland and Virginia.

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